ToxTracker highlights

Combination of different reporters discriminates between direct DNA damage, increased oxidative stress and the unfolded protein response as primary mechanism of toxicity.
> 95% compounds correctly identified. The assay has been validated using the ECVAM and Toxcast library. So far more than 400 compounds have been tested in these assays
A unique combination of reporter genes in stem cells allows accurate identification of genotoxic carcinogens. Easy detection of GFP reporter induction allows identification of genotoxic properties quickly. Combined with the low compound requirements this assay is ideally suited for the early stage of drug development.
Toxic profiles are compared to our database of reference compounds. By clustering results to reference compounds a further interpretation can be made, bringing extra confidence in the results.


    Why ToxTracker

  • Low amount of compound required
  • Rapid and cost-effective
  • Reduce unnecessary loss of valuable Lead compounds
  • Efficient genotoxicity testing in a single assay

In regulatory assessment of carcinogenic or germ cell mutagenic risk, it is becoming increasingly important to understand mode of action, and not just rely on weight of negative evidence from in vivo genotoxicity studies to overrule positive in vitro genotoxicity results. To this end, there is increasing demand for integrated mechanism-based assays like ToxTracker as essential components in the development of safe and specific drugs or products.”

David Kirkland, Kirkland consultancy 

Video on how ToxTracker works

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Use the toxtracker reporter assays to identify specific therapeutic possibilities of compounds.

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