Field of expertise

Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to rapidly identify hazardous and potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development. We aim to bring information to our customers that is essential to make informed decisions on which compounds to progress in the drug/compound development pipeline, thereby contributing to the development of better medicines and products and to reduce animal testing. We offer services in the following fields:

Genetic Toxicology

We have extensive experience and knowhow in the field of Genetic Toxicology. We often combine our unique ToxTracker assay with a range of extended protocols and additional assays to unravel the underlying mechanism of genotoxicity and predict the outcomes in the regulatory in vitro and in vivo genotoxicity assays.

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Reproductive Toxicology

By combining our expertise in stem cell technologies and reporter systems, we have generated ReproTracker, an in vitro assay that is able to visualise key processes in the early embryonic development. The assay can be applied to assess developmental toxicology in the early phases of drug development.

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Mechanistic Toxicology

All assays that are developed at Toxys are aimed at understanding the mechanism underlying toxicity. We believe that this mechanistic understanding is key to translate the results from in vitro test systems to a relevance for humans. These mechanism-based test systems can be particularly useful in an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) approach for both genotoxic and non-genotoxic carcinogens and in the development of an Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment (IATA).

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Toxys in 90 seconds

This video gives you a quick insight into what Toxys could do for you.

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Happy Customers

We work together with a growing number of customers from different industries ranging from pharmaceutical companies to chemical and consumer-goods companies and from large size companies to small start-ups. We offer unique in-house screening capabilities combined with the responsiveness and flexibility found only in smaller companies. Please read what some of our customers said about working together:

Maik Schuler - Pfizer
Research Fellow Toxicology

"The differentiation between aneugens and clastogens is important in the hazard assessment of our pharmaceutical compounds. ToxTracker ACE conveniently combines the relevant endpoints to be able to do this"

Damian McHugh - Philip Morris Products
Manager cell & Genetic Toxicology

“As a modern safety laboratory requiring mechanistic insights into mammalian toxicology, we adopted ToxTracker and installed the assay in-house. The expertise, training and support provided by Toxys for the technology transfer were excellent resulting in a seamless set-up of the assay in our facilities. In addition, we have had terrific reactivity from Giel and his team with our questions.”

Diels van den Dobbelsteen - Synthon
Director Nonclinical Safety Evaluation

"The ToxTracker assay is an excellent tool to evaluate the genotoxic potential of compounds, generating great additional value by dissecting the underlying genotoxic mechanisms, and thereby better assess the relevance of the genotoxic response in a fast and cost-efficient manner.”

David Kirkland - Kirkland Consultancy

“In regulatory assessment of carcinogenic or germ cell mutagenic risk, it is becoming increasingly important to understand mode of action, and not just rely on weight of negative evidence from in vivo genotoxicity studies to overrule positive in vitro genotoxicity results. To this end, there is increasing demand for integrated mechanism-based assays like ToxTracker as essential components in the development of safe and specific drugs or products.”

Pekka Heikkinen - Orion
Scientist Investigative toxicology

"Orion has worked successfully with Toxys on a couple of occasions. We are happy with the open communication which makes planning the experiments and interpreting the results easy and straightforward. The assay is excellent follow-up for our in-house micronucleus test to reveal the mode-of-action and hence validate or in-validate the borderline positive/negative dilemma."

Jacky van Gompel
Genetic Toxicology

“A succesful genotoxicity screening strategy is always dependent on the availability of mechanism of action data, as this will provide a link towards risk assessment. The Toxtracker assay is able to provide this relevant information fast and reliable so that the medicinal chemist is able to drive his chemistry plan into the safe zone.”

Peter Boogaard - Shell
Global Discipline Leader & Manager Toxicology

"Mechanism-based screening assays like the ToxTracker can make a valuable contribution to the routine safety compliance screening of our products"

Claudia Cusan - S&C BEST Srl

“The expertise at Toxys is clear when you discuss results. The proactive team works hard to generate results within the timelines"

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker event and launch party at SOT 2020

You are cordially invited to join the ToxTracker event and launch party during the SOT 2020 meeting in Anaheim. During this event we will launch new assays, software and the ToxTracker Academy. We will also update you on the latest developments around ToxTracker and its...

Paula van Rossum

Toxys strengthens leadership team with appointment of CBO and COO positions

Leiden, The Netherlands. Jan. 21, 2020 - Today, Toxys announces the appointment of a Chief Business Officer (CBO) and a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative, high-fidelity in vitro toxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties...

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker for regulatory applications

We are frequently asked whether ToxTracker data have ever been included in safety dossiers to the regulatory authorities. The answer is yes, but often this information is not publicly available. And in many cases we simply don’t know. But now there is an example available...

Thomas Dijkmans

Winner of UKEMS Young Scientist Poster Award

We are very proud that our scientist Inger Brandsma won the UKEMS Young Scientist Poster Award for her poster ‘Extension of the ToxTracker reporter assay for classification of compounds with a clastogenic or aneugenic mode of action’ at BTS-UKEMS Congress 2019. ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation)...

Thomas Dijkmans

Toxys appoints four new Board members to accelerate business growth

Leiden, The Netherlands. Jan. 10, 2019 - Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative, high-fidelity in vitrotoxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties of compounds for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industry. Today, Toxys announces the...

Thomas Dijkmans

ToxTracker ACE: direct detection of clastogens and aneugens

We now enhanced the ToxTracker assay to discriminate clastogens from aneugens, and to classify aneugens as tubulin poisons or cell cycle kinase inhibitors. This extended version of the assay is named ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation). ToxTracker consists of 6 different reporter cell lines to detect...

Thomas Dijkmans

New Animated ToxTracker Video

ToxTracker is a stem cell-based reporter assay for detection of genotoxicity and other cancer-related chemical properties of compounds. See below to play our new video to gain a detailed understanding of the various steps of the ToxTracker protocol and how the assay is performed in our...

SOT annual meeting 2020

You are cordially invited to join the ToxTracker event and launch party during the SOT 2020 meeting in Anaheim. During this event we will launch new assays, software and the ToxTracker Academy. We will also update you on the latest developments around ToxTracker and its regulatory status. Various ToxTracker users will share their experiences with the assay and how they integrated ToxTracker in their genotoxicity testing strategy. After the presentations, there will the opportunity to talk to the Toxys team, the speakers and other participants. Presentations: Giel Hendriks - CEO - Toxys Yax Thakkar - Genetic Toxicology Scientist - RIFM Ruth Danzeisen - Toxicologist - The Cobalt Institute Raja Settivari - Toxicologist - Corteva Agriscience When: March 16 between 5.00pm and 7.00pm Where: Hilton Anaheim, room California Ballroom A Register: If you want to join, please register via Snack and drinks will be provided You can also meet us at our posters: # 2134/P484 - The ToxTracker reporter assay as a tool for mechanism-based (geno)toxicity screening of nanoparticles – metals, oxides and quantum dots. # 1611/P732 - Validation of a Human Stem Cell-Based Biomarker Assay for In Vitro Developmental Toxicity Assessment # 2726/P327 - Development of an intracellular microtubule stability assay using GFP-tagged alpha-tubulin Or read more about ToxTracker on posters by others: # 1522/P624 - Next-generation risk assessment (NGRA) for cosmetic safety assessment: A Case Study (by Unilever) # 2689/P289 - Weight of evidence assessment of the genotoxicity of an extract of chinese skullcap - a traditional Chinese herbal medicine (by New Chapter/Proctor & Gamble) # 2701/P301 - Determination of the Genotoxic potential of E-cigarette aerosols and reference cigarette smoke in the mechanism-based ToxTracker (by Imperial Brands and Reemtsma) # 2810/P427- In Vitro Assessment of Potential Chronic Toxicity of Smoke from Combustion of Flame Retarded Furnishings (by Science Strategies) # 3204/P851 - An intergrated in vitro mechanism of action assessment approach for evaluating E-cigarette flavoring compound toxicity (by Philip Morris International) # 3345/P158 - Comparing and combining in silico outcomes and in vitro mechanism-based assays to predict genotoxicity (By Lhasa) # 3510/P325 - The use of ROS scavengers and the ToxTracker assay for Mode-of-Action information as a follow-up for positive findings in the TK6 micronucleus assay (by Proctor & Gamble) You are welcome at our booth #  863

GTA annual meeting

Toxys will participate in the HESI GTTC 2020 Annual meeting and in the GTA annual meeting.