Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to rapidly identify hazardous and potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development.


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Read our latest publication about the ToxTracker assay

Read our latest publication about the ToxTracker assay

Just before the end of 2015, our most recent scientific description and validation of the ToxTracker technology got accepted for publication by the journal Toxicological Sciences.

The publication reports on the ToxTracker assay for mechanistic genotoxicity screening. By utilising a panel of reporter genes that are preferentially induced by either DNA damage, oxidative stress or protein damage, the ToxTracker assay provides toxicologists with a valuable tool to gain understanding of the principal types of biological damage induced by chemicals, biologicals and other materials. Detailed dissection of the signalling cascades that underlie induction of the various reporters is required to fully unravel the cellular reactivity of compounds.


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