Alamar Blue assay

Toxys is routinely running various cytotoxicity assays, including cell survival by relative cell count, MTT and Alamar blue metabolic cell viability stains and the clonogenic cell survival assay. The Alamar blue assay provides a rapid and sensitive quantitative analysis on cell proliferation and apoptosis. Apoptosis is assessed by flow cytometric analysis of caspase activity, Annexin V staining or TUNEL assay.

Key Characteristics

  • Quantitative cytotoxicity assessment
  • Detection of apoptosis
  • Non-cytotoxic cell viability staining
  • Rapid and reliable

Alamar blue assay quantitatively measures cell proliferation of various cell types. It can be used to monitor cell growth and viability, and is also useful for cytokine bioassay. In this assay, the cells remain healthy and undisrupted as the assay does not interfere with vital reactions and essential processes. The redox indicator present within Alamar blue assay is able to distinguish living and respiring cells and cells that have undergone apoptosis.The Alamar blue assay can be offered in combination with ToxTracker. Please contact us to learn more about our cytotoxicity assessment services.

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