ToxTracker webinar with user applications now available!

ToxTracker webinar with user applications now available!

On the 18th of March our webinar on ToxTracker, including use applications for the Fragrance and Flavour industry and Agro-Chemical industry has been held. During this webinar, our new assays, ReproTracker and TubulinTracker, were also launched. The webinar can be found at our dedicated website for all resources regarding ToxTracker, the ToxTracker Academy or below.

Webinar details:
In the webinar above, you can listen to the following presentations:

Giel Hendriks, CEO of Toxys (starting at 4.30 minutes)

Giel will present ToxTracker, an update about its regulatory status and new assays and tool which have been launched during the webinar such as the ToxTracker Academy, ReproTracker and  TubulineTracker.

Yax Thakkar, Genetic Toxicology Scientist at RIFM  (starting at 36.32 minutes)
During his presentation Yax shows how ToxTracker can be applied for testing Fragrance and Flavour materials. 

Raja Settivari, Leader, Genetic and Molecular Toxicology at  Corteva Agriscience  (starting at 45.21 minutes)
Corteva participates in the validation study but also uses ToxTracker in house for testing their compounds. Raja shares his experience in using the assay. 

About ToxTracker:
ToxTracker is a unique state-of-the-art stem cell-based reporter assay that provides mechanistic insights into the genotoxic properties of pharmaceutical compounds and chemicals. The assay not only includes markers for DNA damage but also for different non-genotoxic modes of action, including oxidative stress, protein misfolding and cytotoxicity. ToxTracker can be particularly useful in an Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) approach for both genotoxic and non-genotoxic carcinogens.

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