ToxTracker is now available at Labcorp

ToxTracker is now available at Labcorp



We are very excited that the ToxTracker reporter assay for mechanistic genotoxicity testing is now available as a service from Labcorp. Labcorp is a global CRO that is valued for its scientific expertise and excellence in the field of genotoxicity as well as a deep industry knowledge. This further increases the availability of ToxTracker. The assay is currently undergoing formal interlaboratory validation and is under review by the OECD. With a broad availability and formal validation of the assay, we are confident that ToxTracker will be a valuable addition to the standard battery of genotoxicity tests and that it can contribute to the animal-free chemical safety assessment.

About ToxTracker
ToxTracker is a unique stem cell-based reporter assay for reliable genotoxicity and carcinogenicity hazard identification that can provide insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds. The assay can discriminate between direct DNA reactivity and indirect genotoxicity related to oxidative stress or protein damage and can identify clastogenic and aneugenic compounds. The assay is already widely applied across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and consumer product industries both for screening and regulatory applications.

Read more about ToxTracker here and find out how ToxTracker is offered by Labcorp here.

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