Toxys is scaling up in the US

A photo of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay kit in boxes and reagents in bottles.

Toxys is scaling up in the US

After establishing a Toxys subsidiary in the US last year, we are scaling up our business at Toxys Inc. We have hired a Director of BD & Sales to expand our commercial activities and officially started the production of our ToxTracker kits and reagents in our facility in Gaithersburg (MD). With these developments, we aim to serve our clients and partners in the US more efficiently and accelerate the company’s growth.

Appointment of Dan Roberts as Director BD & Sales

Toxys is very excited to welcome Dan Roberts to our team. Dan is an expert in genetic toxicology and has a long-standing experience within the service business. He has led numerous experts working groups at HESI, GTA and EMGS and made significant contributions to progressing the science in genetic toxicology. In his past positions, he has helped clients from various industries with their queries related to the safety of their products. Dan will join the Toxys Sales team and lead the commercial developments in the US.

“I am very pleased that Dan is joining Toxys. He will be an extremely valuable addition to our sales team and support our ambition to become the leading global supplier of expert mechanistic in vitro chemical safety assays” Giel Hendriks, CEO of Toxys

Opening US production site

We have started the production of ToxTracker kits and reagents from our new lab facilities in Gaithersburg (MD). With these new facilities, Toxys will scale up its production of the ToxTracker assay kits and better serve its clients in North America. Production of the kits in the US will reduce shipping costs and delivery times of our products.

Learn more about our ToxTracker products here.

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