Labstat Inc., a Certified Group Company, partners with Toxys to offer the ToxTracker® assay

Labstat Inc., a Certified Group Company, partners with Toxys to offer the ToxTracker® assay

TORONTO, March 15, 2023 – Labstat Inc., A Certified Group Company, has entered into a partnership with Toxys to offer the ToxTracker assay at its Kitchener, Ontario laboratory. ToxTracker is a state-of-the-art stem cell-based reporter assay that provides mechanistic insights into the mode of action (MOA) of genotoxic properties of pharmaceutical compounds and chemicals.

The ToxTracker assay includes biomarkers for DNA damage as predictors for the standard genotoxicity assays and markers for non-genotoxic MOA, including oxidative stress, protein misfolding and general cellular stress. ToxTracker data can support regulatory submissions. The assay is currently under review for regulatory acceptance and has already been applied across different industries for regulatory applications.

“We are excited to partner with Toxys to add ToxTracker to our broad portfolio of toxicology assays,” said Michael Bond, President of Labstat. “As regulations evolve worldwide, manufacturers need more mechanistic information earlier in their product development process to help them create successful Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) submissions and meet other requirements. ToxTracker will provide the data to help them achieve those goals.”

“We are extremely excited to collaborate with Labstat to further expand the availability of ToxTracker” said Giel Hendriks, Chief Executive Officer of Toxys. “Labstat is globally valued for their scientific expertise and excellence as well as a deep industry knowledge. This makes them the ideal partner for our innovative ToxTracker assay.”

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Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that offers a broad spectrum of innovative in vitro toxicology solutions. Toxys is expert in toxicological research with a mission to improve animal-free safety testing by creating mechanistic in vitro chemical safety tests to meet the needs for safer medicines, chemicals and cosmetics. Toxys has developed the unique ToxTracker®, ReproTracker® and ToxProfiler™ assays. Toxys has been working with global Pharma companies, the major chemical, cosmetics and food multinationals and is highly valued for its scientific expertise, high-quality results and responsiveness. To learn more about Toxys, please visit

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