Webinar: Applications of ToxProfiler for mechanistic toxicity profiling

A ToxProfiler MAX assay under a microscope

Webinar: Applications of ToxProfiler for mechanistic toxicity profiling

On the 27th of June, we hosted a webinar entitled “Applications of ToxProfiler for mechanistic toxicity profiling”. During this webinar, we introduces an exciting new extension of this assay, ToxProfiler MAX, and shared some case studies on ToxProfiler.

Please click here to request the webinar from us.

About ToxProfiler

ToxProfilerTM is a unique New Approach Method (NAM) that provides an extensive and quantitative toxicological profile of novel pharmaceutical, (agro)chemical and cosmetic compounds. ToxProfiler is a human cell assay that contains seven fluorescent reporter genes to visualise the major cellular stress response pathways. Based on the reporter gene activation patterns, ToxProfiler provides a detailed toxicological profile for each test compound. Quantitative dose-response modelling of the toxicological responses and point-of-departure calculations allow for potency ranking of compounds, identification of their primary mode-of-action, and read-across approaches for chemicals. ToxProfiler is particularly applicable for early safety testing, adverse outcome pathway (AOP) and weight-of-evidence (WoE) methods.

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