Webinar: Potency ranking of PFAS using the ToxProfiler assay

Webinar: Potency ranking of PFAS using the ToxProfiler assay

On the 28th of November, we hosted a webinar entitled “Potency ranking of PFAS using the ToxProfiler assay”. In this webinar, we shared a case study on the comparative analysis of different carbon chain length PFAS using ToxProfiler.

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About ToxProfiler

ToxProfiler is a unique New Approach Method (NAM) that provides an extensive and quantitative toxicological profile of novel pharmaceutical, (agro)chemical and cosmetic compounds. ToxProfiler is a human cell assay that contains seven fluorescent reporter genes to visualise the major cellular stress response pathways. Based on the reporter gene activation patterns, ToxProfiler provides a detailed toxicological profile for each test compound. Quantitative dose-response modelling of the toxicological responses and point-of-departure calculations allow for potency ranking of compounds, identification of their primary mode-of-action, and read-across approaches for chemicals. ToxProfiler is particularly applicable for early safety testing, adverse outcome pathway (AOP) and weight-of-evidence (WoE) methods.

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