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Pereni K

The ReproTracker team wins the EPAA Science Prize 2022!

We are very proud that Dr Amer Jamalpoor, study director of ReproTracker and lead scientist in developmental toxicology, was awarded the EPAA European Partnership for Alternatives Science Prize 2022 for outstanding contributions towards animal-alternative testing methods. The awarded case study, “ReproTracker: an animal-free platform for developmental...

A photo of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay kit in boxes and reagents in bottles.
Pereni K

Toxys is scaling up in the US

After establishing a Toxys subsidiary in the US last year, we are scaling up our business at Toxys Inc. We have hired a Director of BD & Sales to expand our commercial activities and officially started the production of our ToxTracker kits and reagents in...

An image of scientists learning about the ToxTracker assay
Pereni K

Our very first hands-on ToxTracker training!

Last week, we hosted our very first hands-on ToxTracker training together with ALTERTOX on the novel in vitro methods and AOP approaches in genetic toxicology. During the workshop, the participants received a hands-on experience with ToxTracker and learnt about the latest developments in genetic toxicology. We are thankful...

An in vitro assay being performed.
Pereni K

Search for the optimal genotoxicity assay for routine testing of chemicals: Sensitivity and specificity of conventional and new test systems

In the recent publication by Mišík et al. about New Approach Methods (NAMs) for genotoxicity testing, ToxTracker was highlighted as one of the NAMs. These NAMs are advantageous in that they provide insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic substances. The authors concluded that promising alternatives to in vivo experiments could...