An in vitro assay being performed.
Pereni K

Search for the optimal genotoxicity assay for routine testing of chemicals: Sensitivity and specificity of conventional and new test systems

In the recent publication by Mišík et al. about New Approach Methods (NAMs) for genotoxicity testing, ToxTracker was highlighted as one of the NAMs. These NAMs are advantageous in that they provide insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic substances. The authors concluded that promising alternatives to in vivo experiments could...

An image showing a modern farmer to represent the agrochemical industry
Pereni K

Testing the RangerPro herbicide with the ToxTracker assay for a mechanistic insight into the toxicity

In a recent publication by Mesnage et al, all the pesticide ingredients in the US glyphosate-based herbicides(GBHs) RangerPro were tested for toxicity. The ToxTracker assay identified the toxicity resulting from RangerPro exposure as multifactorial, involving ER stress caused by a polyoxyethylene tallow amine, POE-15, along with oxidative stress caused by glyphosate. Please click here to read the full...