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こんにちは。Toxys社(オランダ、は、EuroTox 2019 に出展・ポスター発表します。
EuroTox 2019: ヘルシンキ・Finlandia Hallにて
開催日: 9月8日~11日
場所: ブース41
・ToxTracker及びToxTracker ACE(染色体構造異常誘発物質と異数性誘発物質の区別)
・ToxTracker及びToxTracker ACEのキット
P05-22:A novel extension of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay identifies aneugenic and clastogenic properties of chemicals.
P18-006:Validation of a Novel Human Stem Cell-Based Gene Expression Assay for In Vitro DART


New: ToxTracker ACE, ToxTracker kits and ReproTracker

ToxTracker - a unique mode-of-action screening assay for genotoxicity 
ToxTracker is a high throughput stem cell-based reporter assay for carcinogenicity hazard identification. The assay detects activation of specific cellular signalling pathways following exposure to a compounds and is thereby able to discriminate between the induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress, protein damage. Toxtracker displays high sensitivity and specificity and is particularly useful in Mode-of-Action and Adverse-Outcome-Pathway approaches and as an early phase screening platform.

New: ToxTracker ACE for Aneugen Clastogen evaluation
ToxTracker ACE is an extended version of the ToxTracker assay and includes direct discrimination between an aneugenic and a clastogenic mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds. ToxTracker ACE combines the power of 6 fluorescent reporter cell lines for detection of DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein damage with cell cycle analyses and detection of polyploidy. This unique combination gives unparalleled mechanistic insight into the hazardous properties of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in a single assay.

New: ToxTracker kits for in-house use 
ToxTracker and ToxTracker ACE have been available as a service, but are now also available as a kit or under license for in-house testing. We ensure successful installation and provide on-site training and support so you can perform our unique assays in your lab.

ToxTracker validation
There is currently a large inter-laboratory OECD validation study ongoing for ToxTracker. First results are expected later this year. Please come to our booth for more information. 

ReproTracker - in vitro developmental toxicity hazard screening
We are currently finalising the developing of a novel assay, ReproTracker®. This is a state-of-the-art in vitro assay to visualize the key events during stem cell differentiation and early embryonic development. ReproTracker is a screening assay to rapidly and reliably assess the potential developmental toxicity hazards of new drugs and products.

About Toxys:
Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that develops and provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening assays to rapidly identify hazardous properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development. We aim to bring information to our customers that is essential to make informed decisions on which compounds to progress in the drug/compound development pipeline, thereby contributing to the development of better medicines and products and to reduce animal testing.

Want to learn more about ToxTracker and ReproTracker?
We invite you to visit us at Eurotox booth 41 to start a conversation on the application of our assays for your projects. Or visit our posters P05-22 - A novel extension of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay identifies aneugenic and clastogenic properties of chemicals P18-006 - Validation of a Novel Human Stem Cell-Based Gene Expression Assay for In Vitro DART Assessment.
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