Greatly improved metabolising system for ToxTracker

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Greatly improved metabolising system for ToxTracker

ToxTracker is an in vitro assay that provides detailed insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds. The assay is generally performed in the absence and presence of a metabolising system. Metabolic activation of compounds is included following the industry standard by adding S9 rat liver extract. Until recently, ToxTracker adopted the S9 metabolisation protocol as described in the regulatory test guide lines for the in vitro mutation and chromosome damage assays.

We now have tailored the S9-based metabolising system for ToxTracker to significantly enhance in vitro metabolic activation of compounds. By optimising the composition of the metabolising system as well as the exposure conditions, we strongly improved the sensitivity and specificity of the metabolising system for ToxTracker.

Main advantages:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Comparable cytotoxicity of compounds in absence and presence of S9
  • Detection of oxidative stressed protein damage following metabolic activation
  • Increased throughput of the ToxTracker assay
  • Significant reduction in S9 usage

If you want to learn more about the improved metabolic system in ToxTracker or if you want to try it out, just contact us.

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New EURL ECVAM report: ToxTracker included

The EURL EVAM Status Report 2017 has been published and is available as epud format. ToxTracker is also included in the report: 

" Based on the information received, EURL ECVAM has considered that the possibility to provide insight into the mechanism of genotoxicity by the combination of various endpoints could make the ToxTracker® a promising method potentially suited to cover human genotoxic effects, and judged the test as biologically and mechanistically relevant.

The above consideration has been confirmed by the positive feedback from OECD WNT members and positive comments received following consultation (March, 2017) with PARERE." 

Please read the report here.

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- UKEMS 2-5 September 2018
- Eurotox 2-5 September 2018 
- EMGS 22-26 September 2018

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