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Unique in vitro assay for genotoxicity testing and mode-of-action assessment designed for Pharma

Get ahead and learn about the new in vitro genotoxicity assay, ToxTracker ACE enabling efficient early genotoxicity screening, while requiring little amount of compound. The assay is suitable for screening purposes and it also quickly provides mode-of-action information, which is ideal for understanding the mode-of-action underlying positive responses in the standard regulatory assays. ToxTracker ACE is able to separate clastogens from aneugens, which has important implications for the regulatory dossiers.

About the assay

ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation) is an extended version of the original ToxTracker assay, that was specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry to include direct discrimination between an aneugenic and a clastogenic mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds.
ToxTracker ACE combines the power of the 6 fluorescent ToxTracker reporter cell lines for detection of DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein damage with cell cycle analyses and detection of polyploidy. This unique combination gives unparalleled mechanistic insight from a single assay into the hazardous properties of pharmaceuticals. The information generated is particularly useful in mode-of-action (MoA) and adverse-outcome pathway (AOP) approaches. 

An extensive validation of the ToxTracker assay using various libraries of reference chemicals as well as proprietary compounds (over 1000 compounds have been tested) revealed a very high sensitivity and specificity. The assay is currently under review by the OECD and data has already been used in regulatory dossiers.
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Why use ToxTracker ACE

  • Insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxicity
  • Separates clastogens from aneugens
  • Excellent predictor for regulatory genotoxicity assays
  • Requires little amount of compound, less than 10 mg
  • Short turn around time, typically 1-3 weeks
  • Available as service and kits

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