ToxTracker and new available resources

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ToxTracker and new toxicological assays

The global covid-19 outbreak has severely disrupted the R&D activities within industry. Companies are facing challenges how to continue product development despite the lock-down situation and company closure. However, questions about the safety of new compounds remain relevant and often urgent. Toxys has extensive expertise in genetic toxicology and offers a unique spectrum of in vitro genotoxicity assays as well as support to design an efficient strategy for genetic toxicology screening. We can help you to rapidly identify genotoxic compounds and provide information about the mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds which can be highly valuable for both screening and regulatory applications. Our service labs are still fully operational and our scientist are available to help you.

How our unique assays can help with efficient safety testing 
Toxys has developed ToxTracker, a unique stem cell-based reporter assay that provides mechanistic insight into the genotoxic properties of compounds. ToxTracker identifies various genotoxic and non-genotoxic properties of compounds that are associated with increased cancer risk. ToxTracker displays high sensitivity and specificity and is particularly useful in Mode-of-Action (MoA) and Adverse-Outcome-Pathway (AoP) approaches.

Genotoxicity screening
For screening purposes, a selection of biomakers can be applied to rapidly test a large number of compounds for direct DNA binding or indirect genotoxicity. ToxTracker has shown a very high correlation with regulatory assays (i.e. AMES, MN / CA) and requires little test compound, which makes ToxTracker an attractive early screening tool with an excellent prediction for in vivo genotoxicity.

Mode-of-action identification of genotoxic compounds 
ToxTracker combines 6 fluorescent reporter cell lines for detection of DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein damage with cell cycle analyses and detection of polyploidy. The collective ToxTracker reporter induction profile, combined with information about cell cycle progression and polyploidy induction provides mechanistic insight into specific genotoxic properties of compounds and allows for direct discrimination between an aneugenic and a clastogenic mode-of-action.

Toxys can help you further unravel the mode of action by extending our ToxTracker platform. One example is to perform the ToxTracker assay in the presence of ROS scavengers and measure its impact of oxidative stress on genotoxicity and cytotoxicity. This will allow the discrimination between direct DNA reactivity of a compound and indirect genotoxicity caused by oxidative stress. Contact us for more available extensions

ToxTracker Applications 
The ToxTracker platform is regularly applied for testing various classes of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agrochemicals, flavour and fragrance compounds and complex mixtures. A common application for pharmaceuticals is the use of ToxTracker as an early genotoxicity screening tool. 

In a recent webinar, two ToxTracker users elaborated on how they have applied the assay for testing agrochemicals and flavour compounds. We have also published a number of case studies, explaining how our clients apply ToxTracker in their testing strategies. By following this link, you can listen to the webinar and find these case studies. 

Latest developments
ToxTracker Academy
If you want to learn more about ToxTracker, please visit the ToxTracker Academy website. On this site, you will find all relevant information about the ToxTracker assay, including explanatory videos, background information, scientific publications, case studies and other content.

ReproTrackerĀ® is a state-of-the-art in vitro assay for development toxicity testing. ReproTracker visualizes several the key events during stem cell differentiation and early embryonic development that can be applied to reliably assess the potential developmental toxicity hazards of new drugs and chemicals. 

TubulinTracker is a fluorescent reporter assay to study the effects of compounds on tubulin polymerisation dynamics. The assay can be used as an extension on the standard ToxTracker assay, but also as a stand alone assay. TubulinTracker provides more insight into the genotoxicity of compounds with an aneugenic mode-of-action.

Contact us
We are happy to come into contact with you and discuss how we can help your R&D projects and how our technologies fit into your toxicological testing strategies. During the Corona period our traveling has been stopped giving us the time and opportunity to easily schedule a TC upon interest. Please contact us for any questions you might have. 

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