ToxTracker Xpress launch

ToxTracker Xpress launch
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Do you need your genetic toxicology data as soon as possible to enable rapid and informed decision making? Toxys now offers the ToxTracker Xpress service. In this package we will fast-track the ToxTracker analysis for your compounds. Receive a full ToxTracker report within 3 working days for a maximum of 4 compounds.

Genotoxicity profiling of your compounds in three days

Extensive mechanistic understanding
Receive a full ToxTracker report with information about the induction of DNA damage, oxidative stres and protein damage

Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity assessment over a wide range of concentrations in three biologically independent repeat tests
About ToxTracker
Toxys exclusively offers the ToxTracker assay, our state-of-the-art stem cell-based reporter assay that provides mechanistic insights into the genotoxic properties of pharmaceutical compounds and chemicals. ToxTracker is a unique genotoxicity assay that combines multiple biomarkers for DNA damage, but also includes markers for non-genotoxic MOAs, including oxidative stress, protein misfolding and general cellular stress. All these types of cellular damage have been associated with increased cancer risk.
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Study Set-up

Timeliness and requirements
To be able to adhere to the strict timeline, it is essential that delivery of the test materials at Toxys is properly scheduled and that the relevant information about compound solubitlity and toxicity is shared before the start of the project.

Compound requirements 
Generally 10 mg of compound is required for the study, this can be provided either as powder or in solution (typically DMSO).

Study design

  • Compounds are tested in 6 reporter cell lines for DNA damage, oxidative stress and protein misfolding
  • Compounds are tested in 5-serial dilutions with a 2-fold increase ranging from non-cytotoxic concentrations up to ~50% cytotoxicity
  • Compounds are tested in absence and presence of S9 liver extract
  • Standard included controls: cisplatin (DNA damage), diethyl maleate (oxidative stress), tunicamycin (protein misfolding) and aflatoxin B1 (metabolism)

Data reporting
The report includes an extensive cytotoxic profile, detailed analysis of the mechanism of genotoxicity, EC 10/25/50 and LC 10/25/50 calculations and a comparison of the ToxTracker profile to the reference compounds.

Quote and legal documents
Upon request we will provide you with a quote which will describe the project. Upon return of a signed quote or PO we can start the project. In our standard terms and conditions confidentiality is guaranteed.

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