Clonogenic survival assay

Toxys is routinely running various cytotoxicity assays, including cell survival by relative cell count, MTT and Alamar blue metabolic cell viability stains and the clonogenic cell survival assay. The clonogenic survival assay measures the effect of compounds on the proliferating ability of cells. Apoptosis is assessed by flow cytometric analysis of caspase activity, Annexin V staining or TUNEL assay.

Stacks of Petri dishes showing stained blue dots, indicating results of a clonogenic survival assay. Each dot represents a surviving cell colony, with the intensity of blue coloration indicating cell viability and colony formation ability.

Key Characteristics

  • Quantitative clonogenic assessment
  • Detection of proliferation and apoptosis
  • Dose-response relationship analysis

The clonogenic survival assay measures the ability of a single cell to proliferate and form a colony. Cells are incubated with compounds of interest in different concentrations and a dose-response relationship can be analysed after the cells are fixed, stained and counted. The clonogenic survival assays can be offered in combination with ToxTracker. Please contact us to learn more about our cytotoxicity assessment services.

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