We believe in cooperation – partnerships

At Toxys we believe that collaboration and cutting-edge science can help to accelerate the marketing of novel products. We are continuously exploring new opportunities for partnerships, for example in grant projects and are happy to work together!

We work together with various high profile academic institutions like:

In combining our assay with that of other we can bring unique knowledge on how compounds respond to our customers. Toxys has an exclusive partnership with:

The unique combination of the ToxTracker assay and the MiToxView platform from Mitologics provides a valuable approach for reliable identification of the hazardous properties of new compounds and nanomaterials and gain insight into their mechanisms of action. Induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage are strongly associated with drug-induced liver injury (DILI), cardiac toxicity and carcinogenicity. A combination of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay and MiToxView mitochondrial toxicity platform provides a relevant context to screen and understand potential toxic properties of compounds already during the early phases of drug and product development.