Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to rapidly identify hazardous and potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development.


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Example customer projects

Toxys is routinely performing services for a growing number of customers. We serve both big pharma customer and large biotech companies as well as small partners. Here are some examples of customer projects we are or have been working on:

1) Screening project for a large pharmaceutical company
This company believes that mechanism-based testing by ToxTracker is the future in genotoxicity assessment, therefore they have started a large pilot project to see how the assay performs in comparison to standard assays.

2) Screening of petrochemical compounds
This well-known company in the petrochemical industry is exploring the added value of the ToxTracker assay in screening petrochemical mixtures. The company is closely working together with Toxys  investigate if ToxTracker can (partly) replace their current standard genotoxicity testing strategy.

3) Screening of compounds for large chemical company
The compound was screened in other assays and they have found to give ambiguous results (negative in some assays and positive in others). The compound is now tested in ToxTracker to get insight into the mode-of-action (MOA).

4) Project for mid-size biotech to investigate the MOA of their lead compound
This project is focussed on understanding the MOA of a lead compound. In this project we have not only used the ToxTracker but applied our knowledge in the field of genotoxicity and custom designed the tools needed to investigate the MOA of this compound.

5) Screening of complex mixtures
In this project, we screen complex mixtures derived for example from water samples. We are testing to see whether this assay would be sensitive to pick up potential dangerous chemicals in the environment.

Happy Customers

We work together with a growing number of customers from different industries ranging from pharmaceutical companies to chemical and consumer-goods companies and from large size companies to small start-ups. We offer unique in-house capabilities combined with the responsiveness and flexibility found only in smaller companies. Please read what some of our customers said about working together:

Peter Boogaard

"Mechanism-based screening assays like the ToxTracker can make a valuable contribution to the routine safety compliance screening of our products"

Jacky van Gompel

“A succesfull genotoxicity screening strategy is always dependent on the availability of mechanism of action data, as this will provide a link towards risk assessment. The Toxtracker assay is able to provide this relevant information fast and reliable so that the medicinal chemist is able to drive his chemistry plan into the safe zone.”

Diels van den Dobbelsteen

"The ToxTracker assay is an excellent tool to evaluate the genotoxic potential of compounds, generating great additional value by dissecting the underlying genotoxic mechanisms, and thereby better assess the relevance of the genotoxic response in a fast and cost-efficient manner.”

Pekka Heikkinen

"Orion has worked successfully with Toxys on a couple of occasions. We are happy with the open communication which makes planning the experiments and interpreting the results easy and straightforward. The assay is excellent follow-up for our in-house micronucleus test to reveal the mode-of-action and hence validate or in-validate the borderline positive/negative dilemma."

David Kirkland
Kirkland Consultancy

“In regulatory assessment of carcinogenic or germ cell mutagenic risk, it is becoming increasingly important to understand mode of action, and not just rely on weight of negative evidence from in vivo genotoxicity studies to overrule positive in vitro genotoxicity results. To this end, there is increasing demand for integrated mechanism-based assays like ToxTracker as essential components in the development of safe and specific drugs or products.”

We believe in cooperation – partnerships

At Toxys we believe that collaboration and cutting-edge science can help to accelerate the marketing of novel products. We are continuously exploring new opportunities for partnerships, for example in grant projects and are happy to work together!

We work together with various high profile academic institutions like:

In combining our assay with that of other we can bring unique knowledge on how compounds respond to our customers. Toxys has an exclusive partnership with:

The unique combination of the ToxTracker assay and the MiToxView platform from Mitologics provides a valuable approach for reliable identification of the hazardous properties of new compounds and nanomaterials and gain insight into their mechanisms of action. Induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage are strongly associated with drug-induced liver injury (DILI), cardiac toxicity and carcinogenicity. A combination of the ToxTracker genotoxicity assay and MiToxView mitochondrial toxicity platform provides a relevant context to screen and understand potential toxic properties of compounds already during the early phases of drug and product development.