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Paula van Rossum

Toxys signs agreement with BioPartner Leiden for new laboratory

Leiden, The Netherlands. May 5, 2020 - Toxys is an innovative Dutch biotech company that develops unique animal-free laboratory tests for the safety assessment of novel medicines, chemicals, cosmetics and food. Today, Toxyssigned an agreement with BioPartner Leiden for its new laboratory facilities. In spring...

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker webinar with user applications now available!

On the 18th of March our webinar on ToxTracker, including use applications for the Fragrance and Flavour industry and Agro-Chemical industry has been held. During this webinar also our new assays ReproTracker and TubulinTracker were launched. It is possible to listen to the recordings of the...

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker event and launch party at SOT 2020

You are cordially invited to join the ToxTracker event and launch party during the SOT 2020 meeting in Anaheim. During this event we will launch new assays, software and the ToxTracker Academy. We will also update you on the latest developments around ToxTracker and its...

Paula van Rossum

Toxys strengthens leadership team with appointment of CBO and COO positions

Leiden, The Netherlands. Jan. 21, 2020 - Today, Toxys announces the appointment of a Chief Business Officer (CBO) and a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative, high-fidelity in vitro toxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties...

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker for regulatory applications

We are frequently asked whether ToxTracker data have ever been included in safety dossiers to the regulatory authorities. The answer is yes, but often this information is not publicly available. And in many cases we simply don’t know. But now there is an example available...

Thomas Dijkmans

Winner of UKEMS Young Scientist Poster Award

We are very proud that our scientist Inger Brandsma won the UKEMS Young Scientist Poster Award for her poster ‘Extension of the ToxTracker reporter assay for classification of compounds with a clastogenic or aneugenic mode of action’ at BTS-UKEMS Congress 2019. ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation)...

Thomas Dijkmans

Toxys appoints four new Board members to accelerate business growth

Leiden, The Netherlands. Jan. 10, 2019 - Toxys BV is a biotech company based in Leiden, The Netherlands, that provides innovative, high-fidelity in vitrotoxicity screening solutions to identify carcinogenic and other hazardous properties of compounds for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industry. Today, Toxys announces the...

Thomas Dijkmans

ToxTracker ACE: direct detection of clastogens and aneugens

We now enhanced the ToxTracker assay to discriminate clastogens from aneugens, and to classify aneugens as tubulin poisons or cell cycle kinase inhibitors. This extended version of the assay is named ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation). ToxTracker consists of 6 different reporter cell lines to detect...

Thomas Dijkmans

New Animated ToxTracker Video

ToxTracker is a stem cell-based reporter assay for detection of genotoxicity and other cancer-related chemical properties of compounds. See below to play our new video to gain a detailed understanding of the various steps of the ToxTracker protocol and how the assay is performed in our...

Paula van Rossum

Greatly improved metabolising system for ToxTracker

5 July 2018 - ToxTracker is an in vitro assay that provides detailed insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds. The assay is generally performed in the absence and presence of a metabolising system. Metabolic activation of compounds is included following the industry standard by...

Paula van Rossum

Collaboration with Health Canada and University of Swansea to implement quantitative analysis of ToxTracker results for human risk assessment

Toxys has started a collaboration with Health Canada and the University of Swansea to implement the Quantitative Analysis tool PROAST for ToxTracker results. There is growing interest in quantitative analysis of in vitro genetic toxicity dose‐response data, and use of point‐of‐departure (PoD) metrics such as the...

Paula van Rossum

ToxTracker applied for testing Cobalt nanoparticles

In collaboration with scientists at the Karolinska institute and KTH  in Sweden, we recently published a paper about application of ToxTracker for genotoxicity testing of Cobalt nanoparticles. There is a growing demand for fast and reliable assays to identify nanoparticle-induced toxicity and underlying mechanisms. In the...

Paula van Rossum

Toxys at SOT 2018 recap

Toxys had a busy program at the SOT 2018, next to the poster presentations and presentation at the Charles River sponsored session we organised our first ToxTracker workshop. First ToxTracker workshop Approximately 65 people have joined our first ToxTracker workshop. The workshop was started with a presentation...