Toxys has produced several videos to help you understand our technology and assays. The videos can also to be found on our YouTube channel– feel free to subscribe!

Applications of quantitative dose response modelling of ToxTracker data

In this video, ToxTracker’s in vitro data correlation with in vivo micronucleus data is explained. Some insights on new developments that can extrapolate the ToxTracker in vitro data to the in vivo situation with the use of benchmark concentration modelling are also presented.

Optimisation of S9 mediated liver metabolisation protocol for ToxTracker

Two different S9 liver extracts (Aroclor-induced or phenobarbital-induced) were tested and their capacity to metabolise 20 progenotoxic compounds was compared. The concentration used in the assay was also optimised to allow longer exposures without inducing cytotoxicity.

Introducing ToxPlot

This is the introduction video about ToxPlot, our unique software package for custom ToxTracker data analysis and automated report regeneration. ToxPlot is available as ToxPlot Essential and ToxPlot Professional package.

ToxTracker ACE assay overview

ToxTracker ACE (Aneugen Clastogen Evaluation) is an extended version of the ToxTracker assay and includes direct discrimination between an aneugenic and a clastogenic mode-of-action of genotoxic compounds.

Toxys in 90 seconds

Get to know Toxys and our expertise in the video below.



Next gen genotoxicity testing

Find out how we can offer next generation genotoxicity testing that provides mechanistic insight in the reactive properties of chemicals which is essential for reliable in vitro carcinogenicity hazard identification.