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Many new compounds are being developed within the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry everyday. These diverse compounds, such as, future medicine, cosmetics, food additives, and pesticides, require thorough testing for deleterious properties and potential health risks posed towards animals, humans and the environment.

Toxys offers a selection of predictive toxicology services and products to reliably assess the safety of compounds from early screening up to regulatory applications. Our unique ToxTracker and ReproTracker assays can provide insight into the mode-of-action of genotoxic or teratogenic compounds and are particularly valuable in AOP and weight-of-evidence approaches. ToxProfiler, our mechanistic toxicology assay provides a broad toxicity profile of compounds. Our unique assays provide relevant information to avoid compounds failing at a late stage of development due to unforeseen toxicity.

Genetic Toxicology

ToxTracker Suite

Toxys has developed the ToxTracker Suite, a family of unique flow cytometry-based reporter assays that identify various genotoxic and non-genotoxic properties of compounds that are associated with increased cancer risk. To accommodate the use of the assays in your own labs, Toxys now also offers ToxTracker and ToxTracker ACE kits.

Developmental Toxicology

Mechanistic Toxicology


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