Toxicity is a major reason why compounds fail in drug research and development, or why household compounds and industrial chemicals experience issues in handling and usage.
Being able to quickly and properly identify compounds which are toxic – and prevent incorrect labelling – is important to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and flavour and fragrance industries. Current toxicity assays have many downsides; they can be low in sensitivity, specificity and importantly most fail to provide any mechanistic insight. The consequences are loss of high potential lead compounds, unnecessary investment in hazardous compounds, and needless animal testing. Toxys offers assays which help to identify toxic compounds quickly and accurately, and can prevent incorrect “toxic” categorisation.

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ToxTracker ACE

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DNA Repair assays

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In vitro comet assay

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Automated Micronucleus Screening

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Mutagenisis: Hprt mutation assay

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Developmental toxicity

Other assays and services

Cytotoxicity assays

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Reporter Celline expertise

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Genetic Toxicology Concultancy

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