Consultancy in genetic toxicology

For different industries and various types of compounds different strategies in Genetic Toxicology might be the most applicable. We are very active in the various networks on development of novel assays and regulatory acceptance. This brings us in the unique position that we have an excelent overview of latest developments in the field of technology and regulations and are able to advice what the best strategy for your compounds might - even outside of the assays we offer.

Advice based on extensive knowledge

  • Unique insight into technical state-of-the-art
  • Involved in regulatory gremia
  • Advice independent from in-house capabilities
  • Chair of Dutch Environmental Mutagen Society
  • Member of ILSI-HESI
  • Part of the mode-of-action workgroup ILSI-HESI

Advice based on unique insights in state-of-the-art technology and regulatory frameworks

Toxys has been set up by Giel Hendriks (CEO). Giel has extensive experience in the field of genetic toxicology. Since the establishment of Toxys in 2014, he has been active in the important networks in the field of genetic toxicology. Giel is chairman of the Dutch Environmental Mutagen Society and member of the Mode of action workgoup of the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (ILSI-HESI). Next to actively participating in these networks where the latest technology developments and regulations are discussed we are also actively pursuing regulatory acceptance for the ToxTracker assay. We apply our assays for a variety of industries and have regular discussions on the screening strategies taken by our customers. Together this results in our unique postion of having an excellent overview of the latest technology and regulatory developments and being able to use this in advising the best strategy for your compounds. Of course our knowledge extends well beyond the assays we offer. If you are looking for a partner to discuss the best strategy please reach out to us.

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