Cytotoxicity tools

We have various ways of measuring cytotoxicity induced by compounds in our assays. In the ToxTracker assay, assessment of cytotoxicity is included by default. We are routinely running various cytotoxicity assays, including cell survival by relative cell count, MTT and Alamar Blue metabolic cell viability stains and the clonogenic cell survival assay. Apoptosis is assessed by flow cytometric analysis of caspase activity, Annexin V staining or TUNEL assay.

Key Characteristics

  • Quantitative cytotoxicity assessment
  • Detection of apoptosis
  • Non-cytotoxic cell viability staining
  • Combine ToxTracker with extensive cytotoxicity assessment

The cytotoxicity assays are usually offered in combination with ToxTracker. Please contact us to learn more about our cytotoxicity assessment services

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