ToxPlot Software

ToxPlot is a unique software solution to support the optimal application of ToxTracker for the mode-of-action assessment of genotoxic compounds. ToxPlot automatically analyses and quantifies the ToxTracker data, summarises the results in easy to interpret heat maps and graphs, and collects the ToxTracker results in a comprehensive report. ToxPlot also provides the opportunity to store your ToxTracker data in a secure database. The ToxPlot database can be used to compare results from various ToxTracker projects as well as to compare your results with a historical database of reference compounds. ToxPlot will give you the power over the ToxTracker data for your compounds and allows you to optimally perform your genotoxicity assessment.

Key features

      • Graphical representation of ToxTracker results

      • Automated and customisable data analysis
      • Automated report generation

      • Data exports for quantitative analysis in PROAST

      • Build your own database with ToxTracker results

      • Extensive reference compound library available
Fully automated data analysis

Following the import of GFP reporter data from the flow cytometer, ToxPlot automatically calculates induction levels of the different ToxTracker reporters as well as cytotoxicity of the compounds. The GFP induction is calculated at different levels of cytotoxicity. In addition, IC10 and IC50, NOGEL/NOAEL and LOGEL/LOAEL values are calculated.

Visualising the data

ToxTracker reporter activation at various levels of cytotoxicity is calculated, analysed and represented in easy interpretable heat maps. After the calculation of GFP induction as well as cytotoxicity levels, GFP fold induction is plotted against cytotoxicity. GFP induction levels for each of the ToxTracker reporters are statistically analysed and hierarchical clustering of the analysed compounds is done based on similarity of reporter activation.

Generate automated custom reports

For every analysis performed, it is possible to download an automatically generated comprehensive report. The analysis can be customised and modified at any time. To customise and control the parameters of the data analysis, many of the settings within ToxPlot such as the cytotoxicity level or compound selection can be adjusted to generate your custom report.

Quantitative Analysis

ToxTracker data is excellently suited for quantitative analysis, dose response modelling and potency ranking of your compounds. To make quantitative analysis of the ToxTracker results easy, we have included a feature in ToxPlot to export your data into a PROAST-compatible format for dose-response analysis of toxicological data using the benchmark dose approach.

ToxTracker database building and reference data

The software allows you to build your own unique database which allows for comparison of results between different projects. It is also possible to compare data with a ToxTracker database generated by Toxys of  >100 reference compounds from various libraries, such as the ECVAM library. The software allows for hierarchical clustering against all compounds in your database. 

Data storage and security

ToxPlot stores all your ToxTracker data in a centralised secure place. Access to the ToxPlot database is restricted to specific users and secured by 2-factor authentication (2FA). The software can be tailored to your specific needs and to fit into your LIMS system. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

ToxPlot Packages

ToxPlot is available as ToxPlot Essential and ToxPlot Professional. ToxPlot Essential is included in all the ToxTracker projects run at Toxys. If you would like to extend the use of ToxPlot for example, by building your own database, or use ToxPlot to perform ToxTracker data analysis for the projects run at your lab, ToxPlot Professional is an ideal option.


ToxPlot Essential

ToxPlot Essential will allow you to access all the raw data from your ToxTracker project, visualise this data and customise your data analysis. You can generate and customise reports automatically by the push of a button.  You can also retrieve your ToxTracker data in a PROAST compatible format for BMD-based dose response modelling and potency ranking of your compounds. ToxPlot is complimentary to the reports which are shared by Toxys and it allows you to customise the ToxTracker data analysis and the visualisation of your data. Therefore ToxPlot is the ideal add-on in ToxTracker service projects.  The ToxPlot software gives you the tools to look at your data and perform the analyses in the way you want to.

ToxPlot Professional

With ToxPlot Professional, you can upload the flow-cytometer data into ToxPlot and compare several compounds, build your own database or add the reference database to compare results between different projects. ToxPlot can compare your results with a large database of  >100 reference compounds from various libraries, such as the ECVAM library. If you are running ToxTracker in your own lab, ToxPlot Professional is the ideal tool for easy and reliable data analysis and reporting. With the central and secure storage of your data, unbiased data analysis and comparison of historical ToxTracker results, ToxPlot will allow you get more out of your ToxTracker data. The software can be tailored to your specific needs and to fit into your LIMS system. Please contact us to discuss these requirements in more detail. 

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