Toxys has been set up around unique assays that provide insight into the toxic mode of action. We believe that this insight into the mode of action is crucial to understand how compounds respond. Here you can read more on the technology background.

Reporter cell systems

Toxys has developed a collection of fluorescence-based reporter assay that provide insight into the biological reactivity of chemicals. Visualisation of key cellular signalling pathways that are activated upon chemical exposure helps to gain detailed understanding of the underlying mechanism of toxicity.

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ToxPlot software

For data analysis, we have developed a dedicated software tool, ToxPlot. Automated data analysis and graphical representation of the test results allow clear and rapid assessment of the reactive properties of novel compounds.

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There are multiple publications on ToxTracker, either by ourselves or others. Here you can find an overview on publications on the technology behind ToxTracker.

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The most common questions are answered in this section.

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Regulatory context

Read more on the regulatory context for our assays, and how this is being changed for our assays.

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