Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to rapidly identify hazardous and potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development.


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Publications by Toxys:

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Publications on ToxTracker:

Mirjam Luijten, Evelyn D. Olthof, Betty C. Hakkert, Emiel Rorije, Jan- Willem van der Laan, Ruud A. Woutersen & Jan van Benthem (2016). An integrative test strategy for cancer hazard identification, Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 46:7, 615-639

Posters by Toxys

Development of a stem cell-based reporter assay for in vitro DART assessment

Application of the ToxTracker reporter assay in a mode of action approach for genetic toxicology assessment presented at the Eurotox 2017

Use of Multiparametric Mode of action approached for Genetic Toxicity assesment: ToxTracker reporter cell lines versus gene array analysis by P&G presented at the SOT 2017

ToxTracker poster presented at the SOT 2017

Use of ToxTracker for Petrochemical products together with Concawe presented at the SOT 2017

Use of ToxTracker for Nanomaterials together with the Karolinska Institute presented at the SOT 2017

Poster presented at GTA/EMGS 2016

Poster together with Mitologics presented at Eurotox 2015