Reporter cell systems

Interaction of newly developed materials, chemicals and drugs with biomolecules may disrupt cellular homeostasis and can ultimately lead to severe tissue damage or induction of cancer. Quantitative assessment of the activation status of damage-specific cellular stress response pathways upon exposure to chemicals or xenobiotics provides insight into the type and extent of cellular damage that has been induced and thus the biological reactivity of compounds.

Identification of biomarker genes that are preferentially activated upon exposure to different classes of (geno)toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals can be used to generate luminescent or fluorescent reporter cell lines to gain insight into the often complex biological reactivity of chemicals. State-of-the-art cell imaging technology like flow cytometry and high content imaging allows quantitative  read-out for reporter activation.

Toxys has long-standing expertise in creation of mammalian cell reporter systems like ToxTracker. We have adopted and created a wide spectrum of reporters in various cell lines, including different stem cell lines. For reporter cell line generation, we apply various genome editing technologies, including standard gene promotor cloning, bacterial artificial chromosomes and CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome engineering. To learn more, please check out our publications.

Please feel free to reach out when you are interested to learn more about these reporter systems or to find out if we can help you create a reporter assay specific for your requirements.

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