Toxys Privacy Policy

What data does Toxys store?

We may collect and process personal information such as: 

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation
  • Your jobtitle
  • Email address and other contact details 

Do you wish to have access to the data that Toxys has stored from you, or do you wish to check if the data is still correct? Please send us an email to 

How is data stored?

We use a secure cloud solution to store CRM data. Access to this data is limited to a small group of people within the business development and sales department in Toxys. 

Do third parties have access to this data?

No, we do not share data with any third party.

How does Toxys use data for its services?

We use your contact details for direct marketing, for example by sending our newsletters and for administration.  

How can I remove the data that Toxys has?

If you wish to remove the data you can either let us know via email, or you can also always simply unsubscribe via any newsletters or mailings. Feel free to ask any questions you might have on Toxys or our privacy policy. 

Contact details: 

Toxys B.V.
De Limes 7
2342 DH Oegstgeest
The Netherlands