Workshop and poster at SOT 2024

SOT 2024

Workshop and poster at SOT 2024

Toxys Workshop at SOT 2024

You are cordially invited to join the Toxys workshop and social event during the SOT 2024 meeting in Salt Lake City. The meeting provides an opportunity to learn more about the unique in vitro assays for genotoxicity, developmental toxicity and mechanistic toxicity testing that Toxys offers. We will update you on the latest developments around ToxTracker, ReproTracker and ToxProfiler and its applications.

We have invited a few users of our assays to share their experiences. And for the first time you will get hands-on experience in interpreting data from our assays.  You will get the opportunity to ask questions about the assays and meet up with your colleagues while enjoying some drinks and snacks.


  • Giel Hendriks – Toxys
    Short overview and updates for ToxTracker, ReproTracker and ToxProfiler
  • Sandeep Mukhi – Honeywell
    “Does chain length matter? Comparing the toxicity of PFASs using Tox Profiler® and RepoTtracker®”
  • User presentations
    Sharing of experience and applications of ToxTracker, ReproTracker and ToxProfiler.
  • Hans Raabe – IIVS
    ToxTracker transferability and avaiilability from the US
  • Toxys team – case study
    Hands on experience interpreting ToxTracker and ReproTracker data

Snacks and Drinks will be provided!

When: March 11 between 5.00pm and 7.00pm
Where: Le Mèridien, room Triumph Salon II
Please register as seats are limited:

Click here to register for the ToxTracker workshop

You can also meet us at our poster presentations:

  • 11 March 11.45am -1.45 pm: Understanding genotoxic mode of action using error corrected NGS as an extension for ToxTracker #P218

  • 12 March 11.45am-1.45 pm: Application of a human stem cell-based assay in predicting developmental toxicity and understanding animal study outcomes # P346

  • 14 March 8.30am-11.30am: Clustering toxicity fingerprints of chemicals to identify their toxicological Mode-of-Action andlink toin vivo toxicity #P166

Find out more about our assays in the posters/sessions by others:

  • 11 March 9.15am-11.15am: Read-across supported by new approach methodologies: a case study with octisalate # P743 (L’Oreal)

  • 11 March 2.15 pm – 4.15 pm: Analysis of toxicological mode of action of Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) and comparison with conventional PFAS chemicals using Toxprofiler®, a new approach method # P833 (Honeywell)

  • 12 March 9.15 am-11.15 am: Multi-endpoint in vitro toxicological assessment of snus and tobacco-free nicotine pouch extracts #P650(BAT)

  • 12 March 11.45am-1.45 pm: Practical Application of a Next Generation Risk Assessment Approach for Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity # P390 (Unilever)

  • 12 March 11.45am-1.45 pm: The use of in vitro stem cell based assays to assess reproductive and developmental toxicity # P393(BAT)

  • 14 March 8.30 am – 11.30 am: Comparative Toxicity Assessment of the Harm Reduction Potential of Tobacco-Free Oral Nicotine Products # P241 (Labstat)

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