Webinar: Validation of ToxTracker for Regulatory Genetox Testing Strategies

Webinar: Validation of ToxTracker for Regulatory Genetox Testing Strategies

Dates: 19 September 2023, Tuesday
Venue: 4.00 PM, Central European Time

ToxTracker is a mammalian stem cell-based reporter assay that detects activation of specific cellular signaling pathways upon chemical exposure. ToxTracker contains six different GFP-tagged reporter cell lines that together allow the accurate identification of genotoxic substances. The assay discriminates induction of DNA damage, oxidative stress, and/or protein damage in a single test. ToxTracker was also extended to further distinguish between clastogenic and aneugenic compounds.

Recently, the assay was evaluated in a large international inter-laboratory validation study, approved by the OECD. The goal of this prospective validation study was to explore the applicability of ToxTracker for regulatory applications, establish the transferability and reproducibility of the assay, and to explore how it can be applied to improve in vitro genotoxicity testing strategies.

Commonly, ToxTracker is employed as a weight-of-evidence tool to investigate uncertain positive outcomes from apical in vitro genetox tests or to evaluate potential genotoxic substances early in screening and development. In addition to these examples, we will highlight how ToxTracker’s comprehensive data are being used to shape future regulatory submissions, in the context of adverse outcome pathways (AOPs).

In this webinar, you will learn about: 

– The ToxTracker assay and how it works
– Using ToxTracker in your genetox testing strategy
– The findings of the inter-laboratory validation study approved by the OECD

You can learn more about ToxTracker here.

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