Directions to Toxys

Toxys, Robert Boyleweg 4, Leiden

Our offices and labs are located at the Robert Boyleweg 4, Leiden (previously Nielsbohrweg 11-13) in the Biopartner 4 building. Currently the traffic situation is being changed at the Plesmanlaan and at the crossing between the Ehrenfestlaan and Einsteinweg – Google maps and navigation systems are not yet updated for these changes.

By Car

  • Cross the Plesmanlaan to the Ehrenfestweg
  • Go left to the Einsteinweg and follow until you have to go right to the Niels Bohrweg
  • Follow the Niels Bohrweg and go left
  • Directly left the Biopartner 4 building (blue building) can be found
  • You can park your car the the carpark directly in front of the biopartner 4 building

Public transportation
Please use this page to plan your journey